Patents by Craig A. Simmermon

U.S. Pat. No. Title

D1,030,983 Pentagon Bathtub

11,958,573 Kayak Rack

D1,019,369 Shingle Retaining Clip With Clamp

11,911,874 Portable Wet Sand Blaster

D1,017,433 Electric Control Box For Spa

D1,015,155 Wine Bottle That Transforms Into A Wine Glass

D1,014,713 Square Bathtub

D1,013,843 Round Bathtub

D1,008,318 Rotor for Tractor-towed Agricultural Implement

0092086 Extendable and Retractable Support Structure

D999,436 Lantern Housing

D999,038 Oscillating Tool Blade

D999,034 Oscillating Tool Attachment Interface

11,756,513 Elliptical Silicone Roller for Grand Piano Action with Customized Durometer Reading

11,718,993 Hip and Ridge Liner with Shingle Retaining Tabs or Clips

11,718,992 Hip and Ridge Liner with Shingle Retaining Tabs or Clips

D992,149 Trailer Door with Display

D992,148 Trailer Door with Display

11,699,367 Smart Display for Trailer Door or Panel

D991,783 Container

D989,638 Measuring Lid

11,660,906 Carpenter Pencil Caliper

D985,967 Duvet Cover with A Removeable Pet Protection Layer

11,649,634 Hip and Ridge Liner with Shingle Retaining Tabs Or Clips

11,638,422 Use of Crude Corn Oil for Reducing Phytotoxicity of Pesticides and Plant Washes and Enhancing Overall Plant Health

11,591,835 Narrow Backset Auto-latching Mortise Lock for Sliding Door

D977,930 Tile Filler Troweling Device

D974,773 Hair brush

D974,079 Beach blanket with supported sidewalls and attached carry pouch

D974,049 Hair brush

11,498,393 Refrigeration cycle intercooler with dual coil evaporator

D970,145 Wheelbarrow heaper

11,459,163 Hydration squirt bottle

11,459,161 Building block container

11,408,198 Electrified mortise lock for sliding door

11,402,525 Earthquake detector

11,377,874 Auto-latching/locking mortise lock for sliding door

11,351,516 Chlorine dioxide generation device and process

11,306,510 Cylinder assembly with rotating winged latch bolt for sliding door lockset

11,304,567 Cutting board system with bowl/container attachment ring

D942,793 Two-piece drinking straw with longitudinal seam

11,174,980 Dual telescopic pointer with adjustable ball joints

D933,258 Trailer door with display

11,054,171 Automatic house vent

11,014,788 Modular crane attachment device for purlins

10,966,800 Two-piece bilateral illumination attachment for dental camera

D912,275 Trailer door with display

D911,808 Two-handed file

10,767,910 Refrigeration cycle ejector power generator

D909,872 Insert for container

D908,484 Container

D904,185 Container

D902,718 Container lid

D902,028 Container

D891,998 Universal wheel knuckle for vehicle

D891,704 Multiple layer false eyelash

D891,253 Container

D887,843 Container lid

D879,008 Lockable removably attachable catalytic converter cage

D873,198 Lockable removably attachable catalytic converter cage

10,524,518 Dual coil vaporizer inhalation cartridge for high viscosity oil or resin

10,512,250 Oxalic acid vaporizer with integral body tube, detachable proximal end air nozzle, and floating heating element

D863,366 H-style orchard float

D863,365 A-style orchard float

10,426,300 Modular toilet paper dispenser with shelf

10,414,183 Free axis or free-rolling printer

10,401,104 Magazine release button interference pin assembly and AR-style lower receiver

D851,909 Reusable tote bag with attached carry pouch

D851,908 Reusable tote bag with attached fastening strap

D850,134 Reclining chaise frame

10,258,227 Bilateral illumination attachment for dental camera

D836,976 Ground glass tapered joint to mason jar adaptor

10,107,578 Casing catcher for AR-style rifle

10,035,445 Hub and suspension assembly for tow dolly and car hauler trailer with drop-down capability

10,001,330 Magazine release button interference pin assembly and AR-style lower receiver

D820,902 Violin fingerboard

9,927,347 Pneumatic ram road surface coefficient of friction measuring device and method

9,874,374 Appliance drain pan with removeably attachable side

D805,416 Wave-shaped roadway rumble strip

D798,135 Double sign bracket

D793,474 Letter resealer

9,642,315 Top furling automated retractable greenhouse cover

D784,655 Loincloth swimsuit

9,631,603 Wing with slipstream turbine

9,630,757 Self-locking parcel delivery box

D777,559 Semiautomatic pistol-shaped key

9,534,150 Temporary reusable retroreflective raised pavement marker

D774,408 Wave-shaped roadway rumble strip

D773,621 Double collar zero loss pipe union

D772,383 Double nut zero loss pipe union

D767,964 Slot clamp assembly

D766,808 Wing with slipstream turbine

9,446,415 Portable flexible sluice box with airfoil-shaped flare

D763,978 Exercise ball with two steps

D763,941 Camera case

D754,430 Scissor shoulder holster

D747,423 Exercise ball with two steps

9,227,491 Slidable cover for truck rack

D744,619 Elutriation pipe assembly

9,186,730 Automated core drilling device capable of mating with a center-mounted core-catching device

D739,222 Two-piece magnetic clamp

9,102,286 Trailer hitch receiver mounted collapsible workbench

9,084,907 Retractable adjustable-trajectory rooftop fire sprinkler

D733,815 Exercise handle with two-axis rotation capability

D733,814 Exercise ball with two steps

9,044,232 Medical heating device and method with self-limiting electrical heating element

D724,519 Custom-sized vehicle fender cover

D723,449 Universally sized vehicle fender cover

8,956,096 Stationary self-draining fastening post with vibration-free frame attachment for traffic-rated utility vault cover

8,887,448 Adjustable torsion lift assist system with one-way bias for traffic-rated utility vault cover

8,735,699 Main action rail for upright piano with front-accessible whippen flange screw

8,667,734 Hydroponic plant container with highly oxygenated nutrient solution using continuous air injection and continuous coriolis effect mixing

8,656,641 Self-watering fruit tree container with root pruning aerations apertures and exterior water level indicator

8,614,382 Damper action for upright piano with sostenuto spring tab using tension from the damper spring

8,556,268 Affixable firearms target capable of leaving a custom-shaped silhouette visible from afar upon
the projectile's impact on the target's bullseye

D691,586 Chair-attachable wireless speaker system

8,541,671 Lost motion compensation device for an upright piano action

8,512,335 High frequency alternating current medical device with self-limiting conductive material and method

8,510,988 Self-watering plant container with root pruning aeration apertures and exterior water level indicator

8,487,172 Piano action flange with open-slotted rail attachment feature

8,323,181 Endoscope with variable incident light and laser source platform

8,320,987 Electric potential mapping and electrode attachment device with continuous electric signal monitoring and method

8,237,555 Hazardous vehicle alert system and method based on reaction time, distance and speed

D663,652 Root-pruning mesh pot for plants

8,143,506 Hammer assembly for grand piano

7,998,728 Multiple tray vermicomposter with thermal siphon airflow

D641,392 Damper lever flange for grand piano

D636,430 Damper lever for grand piano

7,781,652 Universal grand piano piano action with simultaneous half stroke keyboard design capability

7,780,013 Fire department connection with debris filter

D614,374 Plant water collection container

7,687,694 Low inertia grand piano piano action

7,687,693 Grand piano composite piano action

7,687,692 Hammer shank and shank butt for piano

D610,886 Vegetation blade

7,638,696 Reduced friction piano action pins

7,510,467 Shellfish holding device

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